Proudly Display Your Clan Tartan and Crest or Create a Family Heirloom with
Beautifully Embroidered Celtic Symbols.

Clan Crests

The crests are individually produced using both machine and hand stitching
matching fabric, metallic threads and silk threads to create vivid representations
 for use on blazers, banners and flags.

3" x 5"

5" x 7"

9" x 12"

12" x 15"

Blazer Size






Clan Name Strips & Ribbons

The name strips and ribbons are embroidered using gold bullion thread
on black backing fabric.

3" high letters

4" high letters

*6" high letters
*(each letter produced individually)

Blazer Size

5" wide

8" wide

12" wide

$4.00 per letter

$6.00 per letter

$10.00 per letter





Framed Tartan & Crest Wall Hangings

These displays emphasize the legacies of yesteryear and
honor the heritage of our Celtic ancestors.

5" x 7" Stock Frame

8" x 10" Stock Frame

15" x 15" Custom Frame

*16" x 33" Custom Frame
* Panel Only (No Frame)





*The panel in this frame can be removed
and used as a casket cap panel.

Wedding Gift & Baby Gift

The wedding gift consists of the tartan
and 3" x 5" crest of the bride and groom combined in an 11" x 14" gold frame.


The baby gift consists of the tartan and
3" x 5" crest, the Clan name ribbon and
the newborn's name and birth date in an
8" x10" gold frame.




Great Gifts! Clan tartan lined with coordinating fabric.
Edges are bound or finished with decorative cording.



Framed Celtic Symbols

The Celtic symbols are uniquely digitized and panels are produced using computerized stitching. The colors are carefully selected to accomplish the beautiful pieces.
Other designs such as Celtic knots and crosses are also available.


15" x 15"

*16" x 33"



*The panel in this frame can be removed and used as a casket cap panel.


T-Bar Parade Banner

These banners are  made from tartan and lined with coordinating fabric.
They measure approximately 26" x 34".
The banners are  fastened to the T-Bar Pole with velcro tabs across top and
down the center of back to secure banner to the pole.



T-Bar Pole (2pcs.)
Break-down Pole (3pcs.)
Pole Carrier



(see name strips)


Horizontal Pole Banner

This banner is designed to be carried or hung on a horizontal pole.
It is made to your specifications using tartan lined with coordinating fabric and
is hemmed both top and bottom. Crest, name and fringe can be added.
These banners can also be used as palls for closed casket funerals.

Prices vary in accordance with size required.
Please call for quote.

Tent Banner

These beautiful tent banners are made by scanning the actual tartan and crest
and printing it directly onto the vinyl. They measure 96" x 18".
The banners are made from 12 oz.  Cooley vinyl with wind slits every 36".
All hems are heat seamed and grommets are placed every 24" both top and bottom.



These 3x5 tartan flags are made to your specifications and
hemmed on one side for flagpole.  Fringe can be added. 


Tartan Fabric

Most tartans are available in a variety of fabrics including cotton blends.

 Prices vary according to fabric selection.
Call for details.

Crematory Vessels


Starting at $300.00


Special Order. Please Call.

Miscellaneous Items

CD - Lone Piper
(Music Suitable for Funerals)


More information on our Scottish items can be found at The Tartan Lady

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