Confederate Memorial Tartan

Poly Cotton               $25.00/yd
(1 yard minimum cut)                                   

Also available in wool.
Prices vary according to fabric selection.


3' x 5' Flags are made from Confederate Memorial cotton tartan,
hemmed on one side for use on single upright pole. 


Miscellaneous Products


Tie (Wool) Confederate Tartan

Extra Long Tie

Bow Tie (Wool) Confederate Tartan

Cummerbund (Wool) Confederate Tartan

Ladies’ Sash (Cotton) Confederate Tartan

Ladies’ Skirt (Cotton) Confederate Tartan

CD (music appropriate for funerals)





Prices Vary

Starting at $100.00


Sons of Confederate Veterans

All SCV items available upon verification of membership.

Large Badge

Large Badge (as shown below)

Name Strip
(Embroidered with Camp Name & No.)



Framed Wall Hangings

15"x15" Custom Frame

*16"x33" Custom Frame
*Panel Only (No Frame)



*The panel in this frame can be removed
and used as a casket cap panel.

Large Banner or Pall

This banner is made using the Confederate Memorial Tartan lined
with coordinating gray fabric.
It bears the large SCV badge and the camp name strip.
The banner is suitable for carrying or hanging.
It can also be used as a casket cover for funeral services.

Prices vary according to size.

More information on our items can be found at The Tartan Lady

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