Funeral Accessories & Related Products

A new dimension in Personalization and Customization!
Make every funeral an event celebrating the life of the individual!

Adjustable Cap Panels

Adjustable cap panels provide an innovative approach to marketing the ordinary!
You can offer a personal statement that speaks of family and heritage,
of profession and special interests, and of beauty and love.

  • Designer fabrics blend with existing interiors creating unlimited possibilities for customizing.
  • Digitized patterns and computerized embroidery enhance the quality of design and stitchery and offer a vast range of opportunities for creativity.
  • Ample fabric is affixed to flexible board for ease in making adjustments to fit almost any casket and the adjustment kit is included in the panel package.
  • The personalized panels such as the clan tartans and crests, firemen, police officers, etc. are also available in 15”x15” frames for use as table displays at services or as special remembrances for the family. Names and dates can be added to many of the cap panels and framed panels if desired.
  • Panels are packaged for convenient display.
  • Prices vary.
  • Panel Display Stand is available.

Specialty Cap Panels

These specialty panels provide that extra step in personalization.
They may include photo transfers of the family or the family pet.
 Cross-ribboned panel is for holding photos.
Specialty fabrics such as camo and regional prints can be used.
Ethnic fabrics can be used.
Unlimited possibilities!


The Message Panel

FINAL FAREWELLS…The Message Panel is something BRAND NEW to allow bereaved family and friends an opportunity for expressing remembrances as they celebrate the life of their loved one. This distinctive creation is designed for use during the memorial celebration, either over the side of the casket or in another designated location accessible to friends and family who wish to express their “MESSAGES OF LOVE.”



These message panels are especially helpful in large crowd visitations by allowing visitors to write personal messages to be read later by the family or for friends to leave messages during times the family may not be present. Young people especially like to leave mementos of their affection. The Panel can be folded with messages intact and placed in the casket or given to the family. The package includes framed "Messages of Love" sign and notepad.
Call for prices.

Preemie Clothing

Angel Wear is a variety of clothing to fit the very small, undeveloped “preemie”
to full term infants for both male and female.
The line includes not only clothing, but also shoes and socks, drapes and wraps, and cuddly toys.


Fetal Bunting & Removal Bunting

The fetal bunting is a new product lovingly designed especially for the undeveloped “preemie” in such a way that parents
can hold their precious treasure.

The removal bunting is specially
designed for carrying that treasure
in your arms.


Daisy Chrisom

In ancient times the chrisom was a pure white cloth that covered a baby at baptism.
The color and purity of the cloth symbolized the peace and innocence of the child.
The daisy is the flower the Creator scattered about the earth to remind parents
that the souls of their lost children rested in His goodness and light.

This uniquely designed combination infant casket and vault
is available in three sizes:  18”, 24” & 36”.
Further information available upon request.

Grief Therapy Literature

Elf-Help Therapy Books... Whimsical Elfin characters offer simple, sage advice
for children for dealing with all of life's challenges!

Adult Therapy Books... These bereavement books offer adults help
and hope in dealing with their losses.

Silk Flowers

This extra touch offers family and friends an opportunity to select a final token of their love. The corsages and bouts are also suitable for service attendants.

Personal Directives

Everyone has a responsibility to his family to provide important information
in a readily accessible form.

The personal directive is simple to complete and conveys valuable information when needed.  Space is provided for biographical information, legal and financial information, and specific wishes and messages.

Cap Panel Display

The cap panel display is a convenient compact method of displaying the adjustable panels.  It is attractive, lightweight and folds for easy mobility.

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