About Us

     This new venture began in 2002 as a result of a recurring dream Zellna Shaw experienced. The specialty products speak of legacies and heritage, of dreams and successes, and of treasures of the heart. The butterfly was selected as the company logo signifying “new life” and also because the butterfly is one of Zellna’s favorite creatures.    Shaw, who is (or was) retired,  along with Charles, her husband of 50 years, lives in Lakeland, GA where the business is located. The work began on the kitchen counter, but after a short time was moved into other quarters.  Many of the products being offered are results of suggestions and requests from friends in the Scottish community and funeral services and new products are constantly being developed.  She is always open to suggestions and will endeavor to accommodate specific needs.       


A Note from Zellna:
       We are not limited to the Heritage and other
groups we are now serving. We would like to add new organizations and professions to our family. We are currently working with several and will be adding them
in the near future. Your suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated. Keep checking our website
to see what’s new.
      We have had many inquiries about a catalog, but because we are changing so rapidly
, our website is our catalog.
     Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my products with you and I hope that you have found some new ideas in personalization and customization.

 "The Tartan Lady"           


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